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Couples in Love

Approximate Size:


Couple with rose-4.5×4.6cm, Couple kiss-4.4×3.6cm, Couple in love-2.2x.8cm, Love you-.9x3cm, Hug me-.5x2cm, Girl kissing boy-4.3×4.1cm, Doodle heart-1.4x1cm, Heart-1x1cm, Let’s kiss-1.4×1.4cm, True love-.8×3.7cm, Flourish heart-1.6×1.6cm, Love-1.3×2.4cm, Happy valentine day-1.9x2cm, Leaf heart-4.4x.9cm, Sweet heart-.5×3.1cm, Couple smile’s-4.1×3.5cm.

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