Ruchi Crafeteria

Design Team

I'm a Crafter, Card maker, Photographer, Illustrator, Stamp Designer, Blogger and full of life! I love Crafting, Doodling, Cooking, DIYs

Tatyana Chupina

Design Team

An interesting idea - I add your "cute little things" to the product: watches, figures, beads, shells and other memorable little things.

Archana Sehgal

Design Team

I am a self taught artist, I am always looking for new techniques to try my hand on, My style of work is evolving, I explored different DIYS

Vidhi Jadeja

Design Team

Creativity for me is all about inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and still having fun!

Isha Pai

Design Team

I believe in creating and innovating every second, every minute and every day and working very intricately, i.e. with utter perfection

Afrreen Banu

Design Team Coordinator

Mommy of a lil girl - a handicraft enthusiast, loves to make cards, scrapbooks, Mixed media, jewelry , and diys, always keen to learn.

Shwetha Mahadevan

Design Team

I enjoy challenging myself by diversifying my artistic boundaries. I like experimenting with various textures, colours, glitters, boards.

Varsha Gupta

Design Team

I am a design enthusiast and artist who is always eager to try something innovative and unique in the world of handmade products.


Design Team

Like to make unusual, colorfull works with stamps, stencils, watercolor pencils, sprays and everything, that can help my work to look wonder


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