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Expressions craft clear Stamps & Scrapbooking – Overview

Clear stamps  and scrapbooking are two crafts which are just made for each other! While clear craft stamp is a great stand-alone craft for making items such as handmade cardsgift tags, decorating shrink plastic and even making jewelry out of polymer clay, it can also be used in combination with scrapbooking projects to create uniquely personal scrapbook pages. You can use your clear crafts stamps to add decoration to a page, to stamp a message or sentiment or to emphasize the theme of the page.

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Types of Expressions clear Stamp to Use With Scrapbooks

You can use any type of clear craft  stamp with your scrapbook pages. Use your favorite Expressions craft  stamps  stamp designs onto your scrapbook pages. Many scrapbookers find clear stamps best for scrapbooking because they can see where they are placing the stamped image.

Oh My Baby

Approximate Size: 6×4

Baby in tub-5x5cm, Licking Baby-3.7x5cm, Upside down baby-4.7×3.7cm, Sitting baby-3.7×4.7cm, Lying baby with taval-6.3×3.5cm, Bottle-1.5x.7cm, Baby-1.85×1.7cm, Mama’s boy-2.5×1.2cm, Horse-1.5×1.3cm, Daddy girl-3×1.3cm, Soother-1.3x.5cm, Baby mine-3.5x.5cm.

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Happy Fly

Approximate Size: 6×4

Butterfly sizes-4.7×4.3cm, 6×2.7cm, 4.8×3.5cm, 3.5×3.5cm
Small bold butterflies-2.3×1.5cm, 2.3×1.9cm.
Fly like a butterfly-4.5x.5cm, Fly high-3x.5cm, Dream big-1.7×1.3cm, Butterfly kisses-3.6×1.2cm, Don’t let your dream fly away-3.3x1cm.


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Kitchen Accessories

Approximate Size: 6×4

Break-2.5x7cm, Tea-1.6x1cm, Homemade-3x.7cm, Cooling with love-2.8×2.5cm, You are my perfect mix-3.2×1.3cm, Coffee-2x.7cm, Honey Combladdle-1.3×4.3cm, Stamer laddle-1.3×3.4cm, Cup $ Saucer-2.4x2cm, Beater hand-1.3x4cm, Frying pan-3.5×1.9cm, Grater-1.3×3.1cm, Knife-4x.8cm, Rolling pin-6x4cm, Plate, Fock, Spoon & butterknife set-3x2cm, Cup laddle-1×3.5cm, Cassorclle-3.5×2.9cm, Zigzig laddle-.7×3.5cm.

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Hot Air Balloon

Approximate Size  6×4

Parachute big-7.2×4.1cm, Parachute small-5.1x3cm, Up side down parachute-4×2.6cm, Yay-1.6×1.8cm, Dream big-.7x4cm, Fall in love with life-1×2.3cm, Life is a beautiful ride-.6x5cm, Adventure is where your heart is-.8x4cm, Go where your dreams take you-1.1×3.2cm, Oh lala-.9×3.5cm, It’s not about the destination it’s about the journey-1×5.4cm, Cloud big-1.3×2.5cm, Cloud small-1×2.4cm.

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ballon craft stamps onlineHopefully, this has inspired you to try using our Expressions crafts clear stamps to decorate scrapbook pages whether it’s for yourself or to give as a gift. Clear  stamps and scrapbooking are such great crafts, it’s fun to use them together.

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